Breastfeeding: Five Reasons

I’ve had it in my head to do a blog series entitled “5 Reasons”, where I give my own personal reasons for my choices concerning a more natural lifestyle. With August being National Breastfeeding Month, I thought what a better time than now to kick off this series! So, without further ado…

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As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed.

It just made sense. Money was tight, and it was free. I knew it was healthier for baby, and as I did my research I found out that it had a lot of health benefits for mom, too.

But as much as I was interested in pursuing a more natural lifestyle at that time, and as much as I worked on a daily basis with the human body as a massage therapist, I also acknowledged the stigma that was associated with breastfeeding. More than acknowledge – I accepted it.

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