Dear Woman Who Is Struggling With Insecurity And Doubt

This morning I received a handwritten letter from a very beautiful soul. I asked her if I could share this so that it may help others who are struggling with the same insecurities, doubts and fears that I find myself dealing with as a mother, a wife, and a woman. Make sure you have your tissues handy.

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The Woman Behind The Blog

I realized that, at some point, most bloggers do an “about me” post so that their readers can get to know them on a more personal level. I thought now would be a good time to do this as I’ve just recently participated in my first loop giveaway on Instagram, resulting in many new followers. Also, hopefully this will be a good reminder that I am a human – a real person with real feelings. I think, so often, it’s easy to forget that the blogs we read and the social media accounts we follow (whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) originate from just regular people – a fault of this digital, texting era where face-to-face conversations are becoming a thing of the past, I suppose.

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Little Bites of Pumpkin Heaven

The other day I posted a photo of these delicious little mini pumpkin muffins that I made, and both my Facebook and my Instagram accounts went crazy with people wanting the recipe. Well, okay not “crazy”… but more activity than I usually see (don’t you love the modesty? haha). Besides the fact that they are amazing little bites of awesomeness, they are actually quite healthy, so bonus! Why would I not share?!

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Why I Don’t Follow My Heart

“Follow Your Heart”

It’s everywhere nowadays. Social media, internet memes, songs, movies, books.. and it sounds great, doesn’t it? Do what makes you happy, look inside yourself,¬†happiness is within you, all the answers and problems to life solved by following your heart. Or are they?

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What Is A Doula?

In celebration of World Doula Week 2015, as well as my own announcement that I have added birth doula services to my business, I decided it was time for this post. Even though doulas have been more widely well-known and utilized in the past several years, as well as getting some stories on big media outlets, I’ve noticed I still get a lot of blank stares or confused looks when I tell someone that I am a doula, especially locally in my small, rural town. “What is a doula?” you ask. Why, I’ll tell you!

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5 Reasons Why I Love Being A Massage Therapist

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “5 Reasons” blog, and since I probably get the “why did you decide to get into this?” question about once a week, I decided to throw them together! Just a fun blog for my readers, and maybe some other massage therapists will be able to relate! Enjoy!

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Pit Up!

I never used to sweat.

I mean, okay, I would sweat a little. But in a cute way. For example, when I was training for my 5K, I would finish an hour later with a healthy “sheen”, while the gal next to me would be rocking the sweat-V down the front of her shirt. This isn’t me bragging – it’s not like I had control over my sebaceous glands; rather, I just never really had to deal with it. As for body odor, I was also blessed in that I can never remember a time where I finished a workout or arrived at the end of a hot, hot day stinky.

And then… I gave birth.

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Embarrassing Massage Mishaps

If you’ve ever had a massage before, chances are you have run into one of these embarrassing “oh-no” moments.. I know I have! Have you ever wondered how horrible your “massage faux-pas” was, or what the massage therapist really thought about it?? If so.. read on.

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