The War On Our (Natural) Health

Right now there is a silent war on our health, and most people don’t even realize it is happening. Or, should I say “natural health”? Politics, government control, and fear mongering are all wrapping their hands and trying as hard as they can to squeeze the life out of a movement born from the realization that the way we are living now is NOT natural, is NOT sustainable, is NOT healthy, and is NOT good for us. So far, we have been able to wriggle free and stand strong on our freedoms and beliefs, but how many more rules and regulations must be written until we are unable to use our freedom of speech, unable to help others, and unable to fight against this tidal wave of oppression?

Okay, I admit, I may be getting a little intense here. Most people probably don’t see this as a huge deal, but I can see where our world is going, and it scares me. Not only does it scare me – frankly, it pisses me off. What am I so indignant about?

The damn FDA.

Specifically in regards to natural health practices – example: essential oils.


The past year, the FDA has really “cracked down” on what you can and cannot say about essential oils. You know that little blurb that most supplements have on their bottles? “This statement has not been approved by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose…” yada yada yada? Apparently, that disclosure isn’t good enough anymore – we can’t even talk about the health benefits, with or without a disclaimer.

It started off small. We can’t talk about specific conditions. For example, I couldn’t say “XYZ oil will help your diabetes!” Which, I’m not one to say that ANYWAY. I know what oils or supplements are good for specific ailments, what most people have had good luck with, etc. but to tell someone for certain that something can cure them? No way, Jose. Plus, I’m all about a natural healthy lifestyle in addition to supplements, so I always encourage proper diet and exercise in conjunction with an oil or supplement.

But now, the reigns are tightening. Not only can we not mention specific ailments, but we cannot speak of or refer to studies or personal testimonies. Say I read a great study on PubMed about the effects of essential oils and cancer – I can’t use it. I can’t blog about it, I can’t post it on social media, I can’t use it at a class. Or, say I use an oil that helps my daughter immensely with her seasonal allergies – sorry, can’t share that! Even citing respectable sources or sharing something that worked directly for me is a no-no now. And why?

Because I “make money”.

Let me get this straight –

Big Pharma can churn out synthetic chemicals by the bucketful and convince us it’s for our “health”. We can be forced into taking mandatory vaccines that have documented side-effects and have damaged (or ended) people’s lives. The pharmaceutical industry, the vaccine industry, the companies like Merck and Glaxon-Kline are making BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars, beautiful pharmaceutical reps are sliding doctors kickbacks, and this is okay, even encouraged by the CDA and the FDA. Yet I’m not allowed to suggest that an essential oil may aid in allergy relief?

The pharmaceutical industry – guilty of sweeping side effects and negative reactions under the rug – all to sell their product, is ok? But me getting a $200 check is somehow influencing me to .. what? Encourage people to use a product that doesn’t work? Hey – if it doesn’t work, you won’t keep buying it! I can tell you right now, the side effects from essential oils are minuscule compared to the vast amount of side effects from current medications on the market or, worse yet, medications that have been approved by the FDA only to be recalled at a later date.

Do I believe there needs to be some regulations set in place by how we instruct others on essential oil use? Yes. This has been such a “fad” lately, despite the use of oils dating back to Biblical days, that obviously we need to be aware of what we are saying. Do I think the FDA should be the agency to enforce such regulations? No, because they are obviously biased. The more natural health remedies we espouse, the less money the medical industry makes. Why admit we have a natural cure for cancer when we are fundraising millions of dollars a year for “research”? Why admit there are substances on this Earth that are God-given and can take the place of, say, synthetic antibiotics (you know, the ones that come with a multitude of life-lasting side effects)? Why take responsibility for our health and wellness and learn how to treat our bodies right, when you can wait until your body is falling apart, and then there is a pill or a surgery to conveniently fix you up?

Apparently, the companies that have been around forever are unable to personally regulate their representatives and educate them properly. You can throw a virtual stone and probably find a blog that offers a ‘discount Starter kit’ plus fifty or a hundred dollars in goodies if you buy your oils from them. This is why I never did that – I want people who start using oils under my influence to know they are being properly educated and listened to… not just another line in my checkbook. Am I going to get rich off promoting essential oils? Probably not. Is that why I got into them in the first place? Heck no! I got into this industry because I SAW a personal miracle and I wanted to pass that onto others, to help others. Yet, I apparently am not unable to share my personal testimony, my miracle, with others, due to government regulations.

So what am I going to do?

I’m going to comply.

There are times to fight and there are times to wait. Unfortunately, this seems like a time to wait. By not complying with FDA standards, all I am going to do is bring down the reputation of essential oils and possibly natural health in general. There is nothing I can personally do about this, and so far the oil companies are being led along thinking this is a good idea (or at least, trying to be positive about this change and telling us it’s a good idea).

I am sitting here with a decision to make. I can promote my essential oils and give basic, generic information about how good they smell… or I can back off on the oils themselves and continue to post research-based blogs on natural health. I’m choosing to do the latter.


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I do agree with something one of my mentors had to say. Our goal isn’t to just give people answers – it’s to guide them and encourage them. I would rather educate you guys on how to find your own research and testimonies rather than answer the “What oil do I use for XYZ?” question ten times a day. One of the reasons I am so well-versed and knowledgeable in this area is because I have done tons of my own research and experimenting, and isn’t it better to teach a man to fish than to just hand him one? However, I do not agree with the regulations on citing studies or well-documented research, so I will continue to provide that information, when possible.

Maybe this whole thing isn’t a big deal. Maybe I’m just getting worked up over nothing. But more than the regulations themselves – it’s the principal of the thing. When does it stop? First we target essential oils, then what? Already the Amish have been targeted with their natural health practices, including non-vaccination as well as providing raw milk. You know, the group of individuals who are probably one of the healthiest in America. Even coconut oil – one of the healthiest fats and natural oils-  has been attacked by the FDA. Are naturopaths or homeopaths safe? Chiropractors? Massage therapists? Small, organic farmers? How long until our country (or the world) is run by only a few giant corporations who want us to believe they have our bests interests at heart but are, in reality, only lining their pockets?

I mean, seriously – you can walk into WalMart (or any pharmacy) and see tons of “supplements” and “vitamins” that are making outrageous claims; these products are MUCH more visible and accessible, yet they aren’t being attacked in any way. Why?

My theory? Probably because the FDA and pharmaceutical companies don’t see them as a threat. They know they don’t work (or don’t work as well as what they are hawking), therefore why bother wasting time and resources?

I want to take time here as a warning to other companies as well, because I’m also seeing these claims that WE are told are in violation of some obscure law that no one can actually quote made by other companies. MLM companies that claim their products can help boost metabolism, help you lose weight, cure your diabetes, improve the brain of your autistic child, etc. If you truly believe your product works, and especially if it’s labeled “natural” – watch out. Because someday, you’ll be next.

So, no, maybe this isn’t about just essential oils. But I’m seeing all the pieces come together in various, seemingly unrelated areas. It’s like a giant net. First they raise an edge here, a side over there, and before we know it… we are swinging from a giant tree, utterly trapped, with no freedoms whatsoever – unless you count the freedom to eat a McDonald’s triple cheeseburger. Because in reality – that is what it is coming down to.

Junk food and junk medicine.

Unlabeled. Mandatory. Inescapable.

The pride and joy of America.



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