Dear Woman Who Is Struggling With Insecurity And Doubt

This morning I received a handwritten letter from a very beautiful soul. I asked her if I could share this so that it may help others who are struggling with the same insecurities, doubts and fears that I find myself dealing with as a mother, a wife, and a woman. Make sure you have your tissues handy.

I know you experience feelings of doubt, insecurity and inadequacy and I just wanted to send you encouragement. You are first a child of God! That alone is such an honor. God knew you before you were conceived and He alone designed you to be exactly how He needed you to be. He has such an exciting and incredible plan for your life, you may not see that yet, but I promise His reveal is more than worth the wait.

When I was fourteen I was given a small card that had Psalms 139:14 written on it. “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.” Reading this verse and writing on the tablet of my heart has helped me deal with self esteem issues. I never had bad issues with my body, but there have been many times that I didn’t like something, and knowing this verse helped me pull through.

God created us in His image! He didn’t create carrots or oak trees or elephants in His image, he chose us, you and I. I’ve learned that when we are down about ourselves, we are sort of telling God that He didn’t do a good job. I see it as this… imagine working towards painting a beautiful picture. You work very hard and long hours, you use the best brushes and paint, and when it’s finished you feel a rush of gladness as you look at your masterpiece. You decide to give the painting away to someone you love and all they do is point out the problems they see. This doesn’t make you feel good, and probably makes you feel unappreciated. I think that’s what God goes through when we point out the problems with us.

You are the only person who have ever been created with the DNA you have, the features your body has, and the heart and soul you have. You’re the only person created to have the impact you have on people, to be the wife you are, and to be the mother you are. That is beyond special!! God specifically designed you in His image to be the faithful servant He needs in His Kingdom. You are such an amazing purpose in this world and you touch so many lives in such a positive way, please remember that.


Just as a woman decided to care about me and write down that short and powerful verse, I am choosing to invest in you and write it down for you to keep. Hold onto it, read it everyday, study it, pray over it, and write it on the tablet of your heart. Only in Christ alone will you find your meaning, purpose, and beauty. Seek after Him daily and don’t hold back. I had to learn the hard away that I couldn’t find my identity through my family, my husband, or my son. None of them have ever brought the fulfillment to my life that God has given me.

As women, we are the backbone of our families. We control the mood of our spouse and children, we are the encouragers, the planners, we fix everything, we have the task of keeping our husbands afloat, and the task of raising our children. This plus the housework and managing schedules, on top of all the daily mess that gets set on our plate, it all really adds up and makes for a stressful adventure. As women, we have to wake up every morning, put on the full armor of God, seek after Him, and then just soak in His mercy and grace for the day. The amount of grace He shows us in unfathomable. Every day we have a constant flow of grace coming from God, grace coming from our spouse, and even grace from our children. If we receive that much grace from others, we have to be willing to give ourselves grace too.

You are a beautiful woman, loving wife, giving mother, and a caring friend. We all fall short and have days when we don’t feel deserving. We all go through times of depressing. But we serve a loving, living God who has already fought and defeated everything we will ever face, and that alone should give us hope. With Him we are victors!

Please don’t get so down on yourself. You are in the place of your life where you are meant to be. Find the beauty in that and praise God for it. We have gone through similar situations and deal with similar issues, if you need anyone to talk to or just to listen, if you need any prayer or advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Love, Cursty

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