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I realized that, at some point, most bloggers do an “about me” post so that their readers can get to know them on a more personal level. I thought now would be a good time to do this as I’ve just recently participated in my first loop giveaway on Instagram, resulting in many new followers. Also, hopefully this will be a good reminder that I am a human – a real person with real feelings. I think, so often, it’s easy to forget that the blogs we read and the social media accounts we follow (whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) originate from just regular people – a fault of this digital, texting era where face-to-face conversations are becoming a thing of the past, I suppose.

1. I strongly believe in the power and influence of names. After all, names were very important in the Bible – to the point where names were changed to reflect a person’s gifts or path (ie. Saul to Paul). My name is Luka Skye. “Luka” from the 1980s song from Suzanne Vega. I always related to that song – not because I was abused as a child, but maybe because I’ve always felt like I was a little bit different from other people, and that the best person to take care of myself was me (relying on or trusting other people is very hard for me). “Skye” could either be because whenever my father looked up, he would remember me and I would be with him…. or because my mother was a big General Hospital fan. I haven’t decided yet – but I think the former was full of shit. Nice sentiment, though. My last name has changed three times, all at the hands of the men in my life. I can’t be bitter though, because I feel that my married name fits me best. Thanks, Hubby!


I also hate my photo being taken, thus cheesy smile

2. While we are on the subject, I also believe – in some extent – in the wisdom of astrology. I don’t think we are destined to be in this little box dictated by the stars (as I don’t think we are destined to be confined to the personality our names suggest) and I don’t put much faith in “horoscopes”, but I do believe astrological signs represent thousands of years of introspection on different personality types. I am a Virgo born on the cusp of being a Libra – which I see most prominently in the fact that I am organized and love lists and charts (Virgo), yet I am also a complete slob (Libra).

3. It’s taken me about twenty minutes to write this because I keep getting distracted by “Friends” on Netflix. Our membership is getting cancelled next week and I’m trying to get all the episodes in before it’s gone.

4. It’s now a week later, and I am able to finish this post because now Netflix is gone ­čÖü And Joey had just found out about Monica and Chandler! UGH!

5. My grandmother was really into genealogy and tracked our family back to the Bohemian Gypsies. I suppose I can thank them for my thick, dark hair and my love of dancing. I also seemed to have inherited the wandering spirit, as I never seem to be able to stay in the same house for more than a couple years. My husband and I are currently seriously considering putting our house on the market – surprise!

6. In sixth grade, we were told to think about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I wanted to be a lawyer. I honestly do not know how I ended up being a massage therapist; honestly, that was probably one of the few times I did something on instinct without knowing why. I am so grateful that I followed that, though, as my massage background was the introduction into this whole natural lifestyle obsession. I still get insecure sometimes when I feel someone is judging me for not going to a traditional four-year school, yet when I can be myself without criticism, I love where I am at and what I can do. I also love not having college debt. My husband thinks I still argue well enough to be a lawyer, though.

7. When my husband and I seriously contemplated trying for a baby, I decided to remove my piercings. I don’t know why – it just felt like that part of my life was over and a new one was beginning. I had eight (mostly in my ears, but also my tongue, nose, and navel). I still have my tattoos, as it seems like too much work to remove them, and I kind of like them. I have six of those (I have to count every time); three of which I got with family members. I have plans for at least three more.

8. My favorite color is green. In fact, my first tattoo (a cat) is black and white with green eyes, and the flower tattoo I got with my sister is green and blue (while hers is red and orange – a perfect color representation of our personalities). In retrospect, our weddings also represented our personalities: hers, pink and silver and glittery diamonds… mine, blue and brown and floral candlelight.

My first tattoo, when I was 16. Regrets? No.

My first tattoo, when I was 16. Regrets? No.

9. I am extremely socially awkward, which makes it really hard for me to make friends. Apparently, being insecure is often misinterpreted as being stuck up. I was always shy as a child, but moving to a different town at the age of seven was extremely hard, as well. As I got older, it was impossible for me to even go into the gas station and talk to the cashier. I credit my then-boyfriend-now-husband and my English teacher for pushing me to become more outspoken; the former, because he was so utterly crazy and fearless, and the latter, because he pushed me to participate in speech contests and, later, drama.

10. I still now sometimes experience anxiety when ordering meat from the deli men. Unexplainable.

11. I still am unsure of “who” I am. I don’t know if that is because I am battling with insecurities to really “find” myself, or because I am incapable of putting myself into one box. I have often thought of myself as a chameleon, a person who changes depending on her mood, feelings, etc. I see this in the wide range of music I enjoy, the variations of fashion you can find in my closet, and even in the friends I have made. I was that girl who bounced from group to group, never having a clique of my own, one day wearing an outfit from Hot Topic, the next, a sarong.

12. For holidays, my family always made three pies: pumpkin, chocolate, and cherry. I was always a chocolate pie kind of girl. As an adult? Pumpkin all the way!

13. I am an insatiable book worm. I hardly allow myself to read anymore because once I start a book, I become obsessed and can’t stop until I’m finished. This leads to me staying up past midnight, laying on the end of the bed using my closet light to read and praying my daughter sleeps in. I actually would get in trouble when I was younger for reading under my desk at school. I have read Pride & Prejudice half a dozen times, and have now restarted (and refinished) the Hunger Games. Any great book suggestions?

14. I hardly ever take a coat when I leave the house. This drives my ┬áhusband bonkers. It’s cold and windy today, but I won’t admit it for fear he will tell me “told ya so”. Haha.

15. I love to deseed pomegranates. It’s really soothing and relaxing for me, much like I assume people feel when they rake their little tabletop sand gardens or trim their bonsai trees. I also found painting nails to be really soothing when I worked at a salon. Although I enjoy the end result of the pomegranates way more.

16. I love animals. My mom used to own a pet shop when I was little, and we had all sorts of pets: dogs and cats, but also a hermit crab, a peacock, a pig, and a goat, to name a few. I actually was really bummed out last time we went to the zoo because all the animals looked so depressed. My husband also loves animals (his family bred pugs and pyrenees when he was younger), and our daughter so far loves animals as well! I can’t wait until we can have an acreage with lots of animals.

17. I have begun to feel pretty self-involved sitting here trying to think of “interesting” things about myself and, honestly, I’m kind of boring, so I have decided that 15 is a good number to end on. Actually, leaving this as number 16 is driving me bonkers right now, and I really wan to either remove the “16” or keep going until I hit 20, but I am going to keep this as it is just because I think it will be good for me to deny this weird obsessive-compulsive thing I have with numbers.

18. I also wish I had more interesting photos. But I am done, and I WON’T hit 20.

19. Sigh.

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