Maximizing Rewards: How I Almost Doubled My Young Living Order In Free Goodies!

If you aren’t into essential oils, supplements, or – most importantly – Young Living, this post probably is not for you.

However, if you want to hear about how I got over $200 worth of freebies in one month, stick around!

I really wanted to take the time to document just how amazing Young Living is in terms of rewards (for the sake of time, I won’t go into the other unique aspects of this company, such as their commitment to purity and years of experience). First, I was just going to share this with my friends and family who are currently wholesale members, but then I thought, “Why keep this to myself?” After all, maybe this information can be useful to others!

First of all, I want to start by saying that while Young Living is technically an MLM, the way it is set up seems to be pretty unique; that is, it’s a lot different than the other MLM companies I have been involved with in the past (and there have been several!). Honestly, it works way more like a bulk purchasing store (like Sam’s or Costco) with a yearly membership “fee” (which is really just product, and only $50 at that) – so, if you want to get a good deal on oils, supplements, or natural personal care products, I would highly suggest becoming a member!

The bonus of this set-up is that, in addition to getting the wholesale discount, there are also many ways you can earn rewards, free product, and even checks. While I don’t want to get into the “structure” of Young Living at this time (including their referral Thank You checks), I DO want to talk about their generous rewards program, known as Essential Rewards.

Essential Rewards (also known as “ER”) is an optional program that is available to wholesale members. You don’t have to be enrolled in Essential Rewards, but after I did the math this week, I realized what a no-brainer it is! The way the program works is that you are obligated to place one order a month that is a minimum of 50 PV (usually ends up being about $50). The great thing about this auto-shipment is that each month, you can change not only what items you purchase (so you aren’t getting the same thing month after month if you don’t want to) but also the date they are shipped (say you have an unexpected bill pop up or a delay in your paycheck). You also get one “grace month” a year in which you don’t have to order anything, but you get to stay enrolled in the program.

Now, for the good stuff. Each month, you earn a certain percentage of points back from your order to be used for FREE product. The longer you are in ER, the greater that percentage is. I’ve been in the program for over a year now, so I am earning 20% back on my orders. For those of you who don’t like math, that means if I place a 100 PV order, I get 20 PV points back to use whenever I want. That may not sound like a lot, but they add up fast! Just to keep this in perspective, a 15mL bottle of lemon essential oil (a staple, in my opinion!) is only 11.75 PV, so with that one 100PV order, I already have enough points to get some free product! Yay, instant gratification!

Another perk of this program is that there are a couple kits available to order ONLY through ER. For example, this month I ordered the Ningxia Red Essential Rewards Kit, which includes FOUR bottles of Ningxia Red and a 30-pack of singles. This will last our family for quite a while, AND it was $30 cheaper than if I were to purchase those items separately. Woo!

Ningxia Red

This stuff is ah-mazing!

As a special 2015 reward, Young Living has introduced the Oils I Love (O.I.L.) Promotion in which they took eight of the most popular products (including many of the Thieves products and ALL of the Ningxia Red products) and made it so that you can earn even MORE points back, depending on how many of those you order (up to 50 ER points and up to an extra 9% bonus).

Last but not least, Young Living also offers a special each month that includes three levels of rewards – usually free product shipped with your order – depending on how much you purchase. For example, here is the promotion running for May 2015.

Okay, so now that I’ve explained all the technical stuff… what does it all MEAN? Realistically?

I’ll tell you.

This month my order totaled 308.75 PV.

20% of that (since I have been on ER for 13 months) is 61.70. That is over $60 of products I can now get.. for free! But I’m not done.

I also ordered three products from the O.I.L promotion, so I get an extra 15 PV points – we are now up to $76.70 in product points.

Since I ordered that Ningxia Red Essential Rewards Kit, I saved another $30.

Since I hit 300 PV, I got some free product. This month, that was a 5mL bottle of Ocetea essential oil, a 5mL bottle of Grapefruit essential oil, and a box of Ningxia Nitro. Those three products together total $70.84.


May 2015 freebies!

As another perk of hitting 300 PV, I also received a $20-off coupon to give to a friend who is interested in signing up for a wholesale account. While originally I wanted to count this as a $20 reward, I realized that it is actually a $50 reward since Young Living will send me a $50 Thank-You check for every friend who becomes a member.

So, let’s see….

$76.70 in points to be redeemed for free product, a $30 savings with the Ningxia Red bundle exclusive to ER, and $130.84 total in freebies for hitting 300 PV.

That makes a grand total of $237.54.

I almost DOUBLED my original order of 308.75 in freebies and rewards!

Need I say more?

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