Measles 101

Originally, I wasn’t going to even touch this subject with a ten-foot pole. With the new measles outbreak, it seems like you can’t spend five seconds online without hitting a blog, article, or meme dealing with the measles, and subsequently, vaccines. Alas, apparently I am a masochist. What I have to say isn’t anything new – it’s all been said before. But before you panic or point your finger at the “anti-vaxxers”, there are some things you should know.

{Update: There are a couple pretty awful comments on this blog. Read about why I approved their postings on my Troll blog}

(I actually have blogged about this before, with the outbreak a couple years ago in New York, I believe it was. However, I lost all my blog posts when I switched hosting sites. Ironic, that I’m sitting here again; I wonder how many times history will repeat itself in my lifetime!)

Okay, so first things first: what IS the measles, anyway?


Measles is a viral disease that is easily transferable by bodily fluids (including sneezing, coughing, etc). From the San Francisco Department of Public Health: “For most people who get measles, the illness is not serious. It starts with fever, cough, runny nose, and watery eyes. After a few days a rash develops and lasts about a week. Then, it gets better by itself.”

If it does get more serious, you may experience: diarrhea (8:100 people), ear infection (7:100 people), or pneumonia (6:100 people). Rarely will someone come down with encephalitis (or brain swelling/infection), about 1 in 1,000.

You can’t “cure” yourself of the measles; rather, you have to wait for the illness to take it’s course. You rest, drink plenty of fluids, and maybe treat a temperature (although some evidence suggests letting temperatures run their course, too, to help your body’s immune system work more efficiently). Once you are exposed to the measles, you get a lifelong immunity; that is, you will never get it again.

My husband recently had a conversation with his father (who is in his sixties). His father was actually surprised to learn that it’s routine to vaccinate for the measles! As he put it, it was just “something you planned on getting” as a child. Sure, it wasn’t great fun, but you could look forward to getting a week off school, laying around and maybe watching some TV. It reminded me a lot of my experience with the chicken pox as a child (again, something that wasn’t “scary” or “deadly”, just a normal part of childhood!).

I don’t know, guys.. it doesn’t sound that bad. What’s all the fuss?

Sure, the World Health Organization wants to label measles as “one of the most deadly diseases for children”, yet if you read past that terrifying intro, you will find that they acknowledge the most severe cases of measles occur in “poorly nourished young children”, especially those with severe Vitamin A deficiency or those already compromised with HIV/AIDS. Obviously, the danger of measles is applicable more to impoverished third-world countries than modern America. Surely, with our medical knowledge, we should be able to TREAT measles successfully and prevent those severe reactions from occurring… right?

Many want to point fingers at the “anti-vaxxers”, those who choose not to vaccinate against diseases such as the measles. Logically, it’s their fault – after all, they don’t have the immunity that the vaccine provides, so therefore they must be spreading this horrible disease that is ravaging our country!

Before I get into that, let’s look at the measles vaccine (most commonly known as the MMR). First, side effects. These are all  listed on the vaccine insert; you can get one from your doctor, or you can find them online .

(Fun experiment: ask your doctor how many he can name without looking!).

These are only a FEW of the adverse side effects; all in all, there are SIXTY-EIGHT encompassing over ten different body systems.

-Diabetes mellitus
-Febrile convulsions
-Steven-Johnson syndrome
-Nerve deafness

It also states: “M-M-R II has not been evaluated for carcinogenic [cancer-causing] or mutagenic potential, or potential to impair fertility.” (Even though the WHO has been funding research to create an “anti-fertility” vaccine, as well as sponsored a tetanus immunization campaign directly at females aged 14-49 which was found to be making them infertile.)

These are actively listed on the product guide, meaning these are things can very well occur and HAVE occurred. Not only are many of the symptoms the same as getting the actual measles, a lot of them are much worse!

If the vaccine is just a “low-dose” of the measles meant to trick our body into developing an immunity, then the side effects of the vaccine should be the same as the side effects of the measles.. shouldn’t it? Well, the vaccine doesn’t contain JUST the measles virus. Want to know all the ingredients in the MMR?

-Measles Live Virus bred in a chick embryo cell culture
-Mumps Live Virus bred in a chick embryo cell culture
-Rubella Live Virus bred in  WI-38 Human Diploid Lung Fibroblasts
-Fetal Bovine Serum
-Sodium Phosphate
-Sodium Chloride
-Recombinant Human Albumin
-Hydrolyzed Gelatin
-“Other Buffer and Medium Ingredients” — kudos for vagueness.

I’m not going to go into all those ingredients, or this blog would be 5x as long. But the WI-38 Human Diploid Lung Fibroblasts? That’s science talk for a baby aborted at three months gestation. Anyone who is pro-life or against abortion should be seriously questioning the use of aborted babies. Just for reference, this is what a “fetus” looks like at 12 weeks in the womb:


This is what my daughter’s ultrasound was at 11 weeks:


She still sleeps with her arms above her head, by the way.

Still want to judge parents who refuse to inject those substances into their children?

I know what a lot of you are thinking. You are thinking, “I don’t care about those ingredients. It doesn’t bother me.” or “Those side effects are so rare, it won’t happen to my child!” Well, I’m sure that’s what the parents who have experienced adverse reactions told themselves, too.

There is a government program called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (or VAERS), where anyone (health care providers, manufactures, vaccine recipient’s, etc.) can file a report on any adverse reaction. According to the CDC, these reports are monitored to detect new vaccine adverse events, monitor increases in known adverse events, identity potential risk factors, identify vaccine lots with increased instances of adverse events, and assess the safety of newly licensed vaccines (does anyone else think it sounds like they using us as free guinea pigs?). If you do a search on the MMR, you will find that in the last ten years, there have been 96 reported deaths associated with the MMR (108 if you include other measles-inclusive vaccines that are no longer in production).

Have you heard of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)? This is a government-funded program that awards money to families who have been injured, or experienced the “rare adverse reactions” to vaccines. That’s right – you can’t sue vaccine companies. They are completely safe from any legal action.

Say your car breaks down and you get into an accident – you can sue the car manufacturer for building a faulty product. Say you are having a surgery and you get an infection from a poorly cleaned suture or scalpel – you can sue that surgeon for malpractice. This is what makes car manufacturers and surgeons accountable for the product they create and the services that they perform. Meanwhile, the vaccine companies have no responsibility or accountability whatsoever; they are free from any sort of discipline or legal action. Ask yourself this: if they are free from any responsibility, and they get free advertising through the government and medical professionals, what is motivating them to create a safe, effective product, when they are already making billions of dollars?

Since this program has been in place, there have been 1,139 cases filed for injury due to the measles, MMR, and MMR-Varicella vaccines, in which 77 of those ended in death. Of those, 437 were compensated, meaning the courts ruled that the vaccines did, in fact, cause their injuries.

Two things.

1. Those are only cases that were filed. Anyone who has experienced a vaccine injury knows how difficult it is to actually get to the point where your case is filed – there is, for lack of a better term, a lot of red tape to cut through. Simply, many families don’t have the means to file, or are discouraged to do so.

2. Just because a case wasn’t compensated, doesn’t mean it was ruled that the vaccine did not cause the injury. Another reason for non-compensation is listed as “not meeting other statutory requirements (such as not meeting the filing deadline or not meeting the severity requirement)”. More red tape.

You can read the history of the VICP, including statistics on all vaccines, at

Let’s do some math! Say the 437 cases were the only ones who were injured and the rest were bunked (even though I’m sure that’s not the case). If the risk of severe encephalitis with naturally-occurring measles is 1:1,000, then it would take 437,000 people to contract measles naturally in order to match how many cases were compensated for vaccine injuries/death.

So far, I believe 95 people have been reported to have measles in January (with no deaths), and in 2014, there were a total of 644 cases of measles (again, no deaths). Everyone wants to get so bogged down with the numbers alone, they don’t realize that we are handling it pretty well. It’s like saying “there are 50 dogs at the park today.” Sure, that’s a lot of dogs.. but are those dogs attacking people, biting little children, ravaging the neighborhood?

The VICP website also states that it can take “2 to 10 years” to resolve vaccine injury claims, so let’s check to see how many come through in the next decade.

To date, the VICP has paid out more than $3.0 billion dollars in compensation to families, and over $185 million more for legal costs.

Sadly, unless a family experiences a reaction firsthand, or know someone who has, our society will constantly continue to hold on to the “it won’t happen to me” mindset.

Now, I know I know.. no one wants to get sick. No one WANTS the measles. Besides the fact that symptoms of the measles seem less severe than symptoms of the vaccine, did you know there are BENEFITS to getting measles naturally? Yes, you read right!

I had read a lot about mothers passing their immunities on to their children. This is something that occurs only with natural immunity – vaccine induced immunity will not pass on to babies. This happens two ways: through pregnancy itself (immunoglobin G passing through the placenta) and through breastfeeding (immunoglobin A passing through the breast milk). One study in particular found that:

“Measles outbreaks in countries with high measles vaccine coverage have demonstrated a shift in measles incidence to children <12 months of age” and that “the number of susceptible infants aged <12 months is expected to increase among highly vaccinated populations as the majority of women in child bearing years have vaccine-induced immunity to measles”.

By becoming so heavily vaccinated, we are losing our natural immunities that were previously passed on to our babies. Logically, an older child will be able to recuperate from the measles much easier than an infant under one (and the MMR vaccine isn’t administered until 12 months, anyway!), yet our infants aren’t getting the immune support from their mothers that they once did. (FYI: This is what “herd immunity” really entails!)

According to data compiled by the Vaccination Council, “Having measles not only results in life-long specific immunity to measles, but also in life-long non-specific immunity to degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, sebaceous skin diseases, immunoreactive diseases and certain tumours as demonstrated by Ronne (1985).”

In 1973, a remission of infant Hodgkin’s was recorded as thus: ““A 23-months-old Caucasian male was seen for the first time in April 1970 with a large mass in the neck due to hypertrophy of the left cervical lymph nodes. Before radiotherapy could be started the child developed measles. Much to our surprise the large cervical mass vanished without further therapy.”

(I’m not a scientist, but it reminds me a lot of an article my husband found by chance one day about how a study found that people who came down with influenza were actually healthier after they recuperated, almost like their body went through a massive detox. Unfortunately, we cannot seem to find that article again to link to – if it sounds familiar, please let me know!)

Maybe you don’t care about all that. You think you won’t have a reaction, the ingredients don’t bother you, and you don’t give a darn whether your immunity is natural or vaccine-given. As long as you are immune, that’s all that matters, right?

Did you know that vaccines aren’t 100% effective? That is, there is no guarantee they will work!

Sure, the CDC wants to say there is a 90%+ efficacy rate with vaccines. But, there are several things to consider.

1. The pill is supposed to be 99% effective. Raise your hand if you know anyone who was conceived on the pill. (I know a handful just off the top of my head). If they aren’t 100% guaranteed effective, we will never fully eradicate the disease.

2. The CDC has been caught several times messing with study results, yet we don’t hear about that on mainstream news. Not only have there been several CDC scientists coming forward about studies hiding a link between autism and vaccines, but also now there are two Merck virologists who have admitted that they falsified it’s mumps vaccine efficacy (part of the MMR) by adding animal antibodies to tweak the results.

But my biggest issue here is: if the vaccine is so effective, then why are unvaccinated ones to blame for an epidemic? If vaccines are truly so effective, then the “anti-vaxers” will just pass all the diseases around themselves, while the ones who are vaccinated should be safe. If you really have so much faith in vaccines, then just sit back and let the rest of us kill ourselves off with these deadly diseases.


Many people want to use this graph to prove that “vaccines didn’t work”, and many advocates of vaccination are quick to try to “debunk” this. This graph (compiled by Natural Health News from statistical data)  shows mortality rates of the measles from 1900-1987, or how many deaths were contributed to the measles. As you can see, mortality rates were steadily dropping before the introduction of the vaccine in 1963. Vaccine supporters want to throw this information out on the basis that it does not show instances of the measles, only deaths. And they are right – this graph has nothing to do with how many people were infected with measles. However, I still think it’s a valid graph as it does show that, no matter how many people were infected, deaths were still declining (assuming due to better health overall, sanitation practices, etc). So then we have the question, that even if vaccines DO work, are they always necessary? Is it necessary to try to wipe out a disease that a vast majority of us can survive relatively easily?

To put this into perspective, your odds of dying from cancer are 1:7, yet, as already mentioned, the MMR vaccine hasn’t been tested for cancer-causing effects. Shouldn’t that be a higher priority? The odds of dying in a motor vehicle accident are 1:100, yet we are all still more than willing to commute daily. Our odds of dying from heart disease are 1:5, yet I don’t see any mandatory ban being proposed on fast food joints.

You want to keep blaming unvaccinated people for spreading diseases, yet the vaccinated can spread them too, especially in “live virus vaccines” such as the MMR. Going back to the New York outbreak, they found that “A twice-vaccinated individual, from a NYC measles outbreak, was found to have transmitted measles to four of her contacts, two of which themselves had received two doses of MMR vaccine and had prior presumably protective measles IgG antibody results.”

A 60-page document from the NVIC has this to say about MMR vaccine shedding:

“excretion of small amounts of the live attenuated rubella virus from the nose or throat has occurred in the majority of suspectible individuals 7 to 28 days after vaccination” and that “transmission of the rubella vaccine to infants via breast milk has been documented”

“there have been reports of subacute scleorising panencephalitis in children who did not have a history of infection with wild-type measles but did receive the measles vaccine”

They are also reporting an “atypical measles” strain that occurs only in vaccinated individuals (published by Eurosurveillance in 2010), in which it is “not known how long vaccine strain measles virus infection and shedding lasts“. I just saw this article about this one-year-old girl who, after receiving her MMR shot, came down with measles symptoms: fever, rash, runny nose, cough and watery eyes. She tested positive for the measles virus at John Hopkins Hospital’s emergency room, yet the CDC declared that her symptoms were just a reaction to the vaccine.

If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and lab results say it’s a duck…. but anyway.

The CDC recently sounded an alarm on “superbugs” – deadly bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. In fact, they estimated that “more than 2 million people in the United States every year get infected with a resistant bacteria, and about 23,000 people die from it.” If we are creating heartier strains of bacteria with our overuse of antibiotics, doesn’t it also make sense that we could be creating heartier strains of viruses with our scientific manipulations? Combined with the fact that we are essential wiping out our natural immunities to cope with diseases, what kind of future are we sending our children into? No one wants to entertain the idea that perhaps vaccines could cause more harm than good, when essentially we have switched out a generally-manageable disease for a mad-scientist concoction of which we can’t even guess to what kind of long-lasting effects will result (as the measles vaccine has only been used since the ’60s).

But what about the medically-compromised kiddos? The ones who are more susceptible to diseases or who can’t get vaccinated because they are immunocompromised? Lately there has been a huge push to make vaccines mandatory for public schools. To clarify: You want me to risk the immune system of my healthy child (because there are documented risks with vaccines) just so you feel like your child is safer? Don’t get me wrong, I feel for parents of those who have sickly children, but when it comes down to it, I am going to protect my child first. It’s ridiculous that I should be forced to give my child a medication that could potentially harm her, as well as rob her of the ability to gain a natural immunity to diseases, for “the greater good”. If I did have an immunocompromised child, I would never ask another parent to risk their child’s health for mine. But maybe that’s just me?


Ironic how people want to compare the measles to anaphylaxis, when anaphylaxis IS a listed adverse reaction from the MMR vaccine.


If we start at the schools, where does it end? What if your kid meets mine at the park, the playground, the grocery store, or the shopping mall? By this logic, we should be calling for mandatory vaccines all around! Oh, wait.. we are.

Does anyone even see the horror of calling for a removal of our basic freedom, the freedom of our body? We should be able to choose for ourselves what goes into our body or what medical procedures we receive, and forcing people to inject into their bodies substances that have been proven to be harmful is fundamentally, morally, and ethically wrong. (For clarification on this issue, read this blog…. spoiler: he vaccinates!)

When I first started researching vaccines when I was pregnant, I was pretty enthusiastic (sometimes in a bad way), and I alienated people with my passion. Now that I have calmed down, I realize that I can’t save the world. I am not spending all this time compiling research to convince you not to vaccinate. Rather, I am trying to demonstrate how those of us who choose not to vaccinate don’t choose so lightly. We have spent hours, days, months researching; we have read through articles, studies, government papers. We have prepared ourselves for the fact that our children probably will contract one or more of these diseases, and we are prepared to deal with that. We aren’t lazy, we aren’t stupid, we aren’t terrorists. In fact, many studies have shown that those who choose not to vaccinate are actually wealthier and more educated – one example here – as well as many scientists, doctors, chiropractors, and other health and medical professionals. In fact, read why an award-winning medicinal chemist for Array BioPharma and one of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Eli Lilly, chooses not to vaccinate. When you try to force us to do vaccinate, not only are you infringing on our rights, you are telling us that our concerns and our beliefs are wrong, are invalid, and don’t matter. Just because the things that bother us don’t bother you, doesn’t mean that they aren’t valid.

Beyond trying to convince you that our choices have logic, I am asking politely for everyone to BACK THE EFF OFF.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of all this “anti-vax” backlash. If you want to vaccinate, go right ahead! That’s your choice. If you feel vaccines are safe and effective, then my unvaccinated child shouldn’t have anything to do with you. Rather than pointing fingers at each other, why not look for the real problem: rather, the vaccine companies who have developed a product with that isn’t as effective as they claim and that could have serious life-threatening side effects. Stop blaming us, and start petitioning these companies to create a better vaccine that works properly and isn’t so dangerous. Better yet, why don’t you take responsibility for your own health and make sure you are getting proper diet and exercise so that if you DO contract something like the measles, your body can do it’s job and fight it properly! Doesn’t it make more sense to spend our energy learning how to take care of our health rather than believing our only choice is to try to wipe the disease out altogether?

rumi meme

Bottom line: getting the measles comes with possibly life-threatening side effects. Getting a vaccine also comes with possible life-threatening side effects. It is up to each individual to decide which risk they would rather take. Personally, I would rather risk my daughter getting the measles and dealing with that, versus with dealing with a possible adverse reaction from a shot. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, if you would prefer the comfort of a vaccine, then by all means, get one. Just don’t come after the rest of us with pitchforks and torches when your vaccinated kid gets sick anyway.


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  • Amen sister!its all a massive government cover up. Amazing how people cant see it and trust these so called scientists who obviously have big pharma in their back pocket. Anyone with Google can find out themselves what’s really going on. The only doctors who can be trusted arethe ones who are on our side. And if your kid it leukaemia dies because I didn’t vaccinate, well boo hoo for you. Maybe if you didnt put so much faith in the government and their gmos and fluoridated water you would have had a healthier baby! The awesome thing about this is, no matter how many studies or facts the other side throws at us, we know its all a conspiracy and none of the studies are real, meaning we can never lose an argument! I am so thankful for people like you who preach the truth despite what the media is selling. Keep fighting the good fight and know that right is on your side. Its only a matter of time before the government takes our kids from us for our beliefs and pumps them full of toxins against our will. I pray for the future of this country.

    • People like you make me sick. No matter what you think is true, this is medical neglect and it is only a matter of time before you lose your kids to the system. As for me, that day can not come soon enough. You don deserve a child. I am raising a child with leukaemia and the comments in this blog sicken me. I always thought of anti-vaxxers as mearly, well… wrong. Turns out you are also heartless and sick. May you all get what’s coming to you. Neither of you should be allowed to breed.

      • I’m sorry that one comment on my blog offended you. It makes me sad that we are so focused on “our side” or “their side” everyone on both sides cannot seem to see the big picture.

        As for medical neglect, any medical procedure comes with risks and as I said – it is up for each person to choose the risks they are willing to take. Nothing is guaranteed 100%. Should a parent who vaccinated their child who subsequently got injured by the vaccine also be charged with medical neglect? Or should a mother who electively chooses a cesarean section to birth her baby, when the risks of the baby being cut during surgery are 1:100, be charged with medical neglect?

        As for “breeding”, my daughter is healthy, full of life, and happy beyond belief, so I like to think we “bred” well 🙂

    • I mostly try to blog about natural lifestyles, not so much the government/political side of things. Moreso this was written to help show people that it’s not black or white, a right or wrong issue.. there are two sides and it’s up to each individual person to make the decision that is best for them. Yes, people who don’t vaccinate are under attack heavily right now, but I don’t think the correct response is to turn around and attack those who DO vaccinate. Rather, look at the system itself which is flawed.

  • Yes, lets not post anything that may offend our delicate blogger here. Fyi all this info from the brilliant mind that told people her oils can prevent ebola. I get that you want to feel important but google does not equal a medical degree.

    • I don’t recall ever saying that oils could prevent ebola.. could you please refresh my memory on that?

      I never implied that I had a medical degree. A famous birth advocate spoke at a conference at which an OB asked her “on what authority do you have to speak on such things you don’t have a degree in?” She replied “I can read”.

      But thanks for calling me brilliant 🙂

  • Stumbled upon this by accident but it made me curious. I’ve been hearing on the news about the measles outbreak via Disney Land. Honestly I must have been under a rock since I had no idea that some people choose not to vaccinate. Tbh it sounds crazy to me but, to each his own I guess? Now, reading over this post I had a few questions that maybe someone could answer, any “anti-vaxer” but the lady who commented above. I am hoping this is not the spirit of this movement. If so, I’m checking out altogether.
    I have a lot of questions actually but I don’t want to upset anyone thinking that I am being snarky or rude. Just curious. I promise. The main thing I was wondering is why you would refuse ALL vaccines. Perhaps measles isn’t so scary to most people, or the chicken pox but what about the others? Doesn’t it scare you? Do the pros ever our weigh the cons with some vaccines? Is there any vaccine preventable disease where the disease is way scarier than the possible side effects? Or where the odds swing in the other direction? Whooping cough comes to mind, but I’m sure there are others? I also didn’t think kids could go to school without them. Do you homeschool? Or is there a loop hole in the system? I’m sorry for all the questions but this is all so weird to me. I asked these questions on another blog and never got an answer. I never use the email I entered (who e-mails anuyore really?) But I will bookmark this blog for later.
    PS, I got caught up reading your other blogs and I love your writing style. Very easy to read which is partly why I was compelled to comment.

    • I cannot answer for everyone, only myself. There are many reasons to choose not to vaccinate, I just focused on the measles due to the “outbreak” that is all over the news. My suggestion would be to do your own research on each individual disease, weigh the pros and cons of the disease, research each individual vaccine, including risks and ingredients, and make your own decision. Sound like a lot of work? It is! But it’s worth it for your child.

      You can get a vaccine exemption currently for public school; unfortunately they are trying to take that right away from us. An option is to homeschool, yet they are also trying to take THAT option away from us, not leaving us with very many freedoms.

      By the way, when you comment on my blog, it automatically shows your computer’s IP address. Just thought you should know 😉

  • Just find your posts HILARIOUS and can’t help reading. But I started to feel bad at the lack of attention you were getting for all this “research” (talk about a lot of wasted hours) So I thought I’d spice it up and make it look like people were reading. But alas ive grown bored with your musings so I will turn this place into a ghost town for you.

    • I would think you would have put in more wasted hours coming back here time and time again, than I did 🙂 But the fact that I am apparently bugging someone is a little amusing! By the way, how is the weather in Missouri this time of year?

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