Water Fluoridation Is A Choice

Not every city in the US fluoridates their water, yet they don’t seem to be struggling with gum disease or tooth decay. In fact, many of the areas that choose to avoid fluoride are actually listed as some of the healthiest places in America.


For example, there have been well-funded campaigns to fluorinate public water in Portland, Oregon since the 1950s, yet voters keep overwhelming rejecting the push. In fact, Portland was listed by the CDC as having the “8th lowest incident of tooth destruction due to ‘tooth decay’ or ‘gum disease’ … despite only 27.4% of the population drinking fluoridated water“. Portland was also listed as the 3rd Healthiest City in America in 2014 by Forbes.

Hawaii was listed as the lowest incident of tooth destruction, and only 8.4% of their population received fluoridated water.

And it’s not just in the U.S.

Just this year, Israel banned water fluoridation, citing a big reason as avoid harm to “pregnant women, people with thyroid problems, and the elderly.”

Other countries that avoid water fluoridation all together include Belgium (“not our task to deliver medicinal treatment to people”), Sweden, Norway, France, and Germany (to name a few; for a full list you can visit http://www.just-think-it.com/the-f-db.htm#rejected .

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Photo Credit: Ian Sane via photopin cc

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