There Are No “Safe” Amounts Of Fluoride

The biggest argument of any fluoride advocate is that they add it to our water in “safe doses” so therefore the possible side effects are “rare” (notice the sarcastic quotations).


Since fluoride does accumulate, it leads to reason that health problems that do not occur immediately, but instead gradually over time, are harder to directly link to fluoride. A book entitled Fluoride, The Aging Factor (by Yiamouyiannis) documents the cumulative effect of tissue damage by fluoride that we often just contribute to aging, ie. collagen damage, skin rashes, acne, gastrointestinal disorders, and osteoporosis. Lita Lee, Ph.D. wrote a paper in 2005  in which she cites a report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Safe Water Foundation that acknowledges 30,000-50,000 excess deaths per year in areas whose water has 1 ppm (roughly translated 1 mg/L) of fluoride.

1 mg/L of fluoride concentration is 1,000 times the levels of some other neurotoxins that cause neurodevelopmental damage. Rats exposed to 1 ppm of water-fluoride for one year showed morphological alterations in the brain and increased levels of aluminum in brain tissue compared with controls.

Of course, as humans we are a lot bigger than rats, so logically it would take longer to show the same symptoms. We really have only been fluorinating our water since the 1960s – the best study would be to look at the middle-aged population to see how they are faring.

Speaking of dosage as compared to body weight, The CDC in fact admits: “Proportional to body weight, fluoride intake may be higher for younger or smaller children than for older children, adolescents, or adults.” They acknowledge that an infant consumes mostly liquids their first year of life, therefore being exposed to more fluoride (especially if they are formula-fed). From the study on children’s neurotoxicity alone, this should be concerning. The CDC even suggests that parents use “bottled water some of the time to mix infant formula” to cut down on fluoride consumption. Does it seem jarring to anyone else that with this statement, they acknowledge that our water supply isn’t 100% safe for infants?

Next in the series: we have known about the dangers of fluoride for years.

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