Fluoride Series Conclusion

I’ve previously introduced the concept of water fluoridation from a completely different perspective, as well as talked about six different aspects of fluoridation that I think are very important to contemplate. But I felt like I couldn’t quite finish this series without my own personal musings, so for those of you interested in a conclusion, here it is.

I didn’t even research the validity on whether or not fluoride is beneficial to tooth and gum health. In my mind, I guess it wasn’t necessary. Even IF fluoride can help with dental hygiene… why would we want to risk it? Is society’s tooth decay so bad that we’d rather risk poisoning our brains, contributing to Alzheimer’s, ADD/ADHD, bone disease, or even cancer? Does a thousand people with healthy teeth justify even one person who develops autism or osteoporosis?

I have to call into serious question our priorities on this one. How many studies, how much research, how much “proof” is needed before we decide the possible benefits of water fluorination don’t measure up to the possible dangers? I mean, it’s not like we don’t have other methods of keeping our mouths clean. Is it so hard to teach our children how to brush and floss properly, to regularly get our teeth cleaned professionally, to avoid sugars and all the other crap that is in our food that leads to tooth decay? It’s a sad truth – but honestly, I bet more people would rather choose water fluorination over giving up their daily Coke.

Say you would rather would risk all the health dangers to avoid cavities, or even say you think all the danger of fluoride is “hype” or “bull”. Guess what? If you want fluoride, you can get it. Get it in your toothpaste. Get it at the dentist. Get it in special fluorinated water. But for those of us who would rather not – whether it be one person or millions of people – we shouldn’t have to go out of our way to get clean water.


I shouldn’t have to stand in the grocery store for half an hour, meticulously reading the labels on various water jugs – distilled, purified, osmosis, spring water – trying to figure out what it all means. I shouldn’t have to decide if the risks of fluoride outweigh the risks of plastic gallon jugs. I shouldn’t have to buy a special thousand- dollar machine to make sure I can remove the fluoride out of the water I use to do my dishes, wash my clothes, and run my shower or bath.

Obviously, fluoride isn’t the one and only cause of ADHD/ADD, autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer, osteoporosis, etc. Rather, it’s everything we put into our body, whether it enters through our mouth, nose, or bloodstream.

So will removing the fluoride from our water cure us of all our maladies? No.

Will it be a giant step in the right direction?

Most definitely.



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