Fluoride Can Actually Damage Your Teeth

..and bones.. and sperm.. and thyroid…

Ironic. They put fluoride in our water saying that it helps prevent cavities, yet “too much” and you can actually see damage on your teeth, known as “dental fluorosis” (but don’t tell Solvay!).


In doing my research, all the pro-fluoride sources, including the CDC, barely even touched on this problem, considering it a mild issue of barely-noticeable white spots on the teeth. Let me tell you, this is one problem I dealt with first hand. Yes, I suffered from dental fluorosis as a child. This “mild issue” involved many dentist appointments and actually switching dentists because one had actually damaged my teeth even further – traumatizing for a young child, as well as expensive for a parent. Doing a quick “Google images” search, you can see cases from the “mild” that they want you to believe is the only risk, to “severe” (thank God mine was never that bad!).

The scariest thing is our body does not process or release fluoride. It’s an accumulative toxin- it sticks with us. “Once in the body, fluorides are absorbed into the blood through the digestive tract. They travel through the blood and tend to collect in areas high in calcium, such as the bones and teeth.” – from www.cancer.org

The argument for the use of fluoride to prevent cavities uses the logic that fluoride bonds to the calcium in the teeth, therefore making them stronger. However, what stops that fluoride from bonding to calcium everywhere else in our body, especially our bones? Since fluoride collects in high-calcium areas, eventually there can’t be enough room for both. The fluoride starts replacing the calcium. So, not only is there a possibility of tooth damage, but also bone damage, including: arthritis, bone fractures and bone cancer (osteosarcoma).

You can find lists and lists of other health issues linked to fluoride. My favorites are:
-muscle disorders
thyroid disease
-damaged sperm and increased infertility
-inhibited formation of antibodies
-disrupted immune system – meaning more colds and sickness that are harder to kick. How many of you have had that persistent infection or “sniffles” that several rounds of antibiotics proved useless?

Of course, we apparently can’t accept every study we come across; in fact, it’s easier for the health establishment to discredit research or studies that may go against current practices. Instead of using common sense and being able to distinguish cause and effect, we now need teams of scientists, millions of dollars, and several years to come to “acceptable” conclusions. We must bow down to the god that is ‘science’.

Think small amounts of fluoride must be safe? Think again – read the next post in this series.

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