Terrorists Caught Contaminating Water Supplies in Iowa Cities

A new terrorist group has been exposed in southwest Iowa, with several arrests being made on the charges of breaking into several water treatment facilities and contaminating their water supplies. An official statement was released earlier, stating that this had been “going on for several years, yet just recently … [some red flags].. had alerted authorities” to the crime. They claim the terrorists’ abilities to “infiltrate themselves within the treatment facilities”, coupled with the fact that they only used “small doses so as to not arouse suspicion”, as reasons why they had been able to avoid apprehension until this point.


The contamination was comprised of a chemical compound known as “diefurol” that has since been classified as a neurotoxin – meaning “poisonous to nerve tissue, as to the brain or spinal cord“.  The most common symptoms of diefurol poisoning include brain damage, thyroid damage, sperm damage and infertility, and tumors. While the dosage used would not seem enough to cause any lasting damage, the fact that they had been able to operate for several years without detection worries health officials about the accumulation of the toxin in the general public.

When questioned as to their affiliations with other terrorists groups, their leader replied that they were associated with the Center for Disease Control, and all they wanted to do was make sure everyone had clean teeth.


Did I lose you yet?

I have a confession (and this will determine who actually read the entire blog vs. just the headline): this isn’t true.

Wait. It kinda is.

The whole “terrorists apprehended” thing is false. Never happened. Made it up. As far as I know, there is no such thing as “diefurol” – if there is, it is a surprise to me. Because, in fact, diefurol is an anagram. If you rearrange the letters, you spell “fluoride”.

But the other stuff? That’s kinda true.

It’s funny how the way things are presented to us affect how we perceive them. I bet most people reading this blog were shocked, horrified, scared, concerned, or worried at the thought of a terrorist group messing with our water, especially since my “fake news report” occurred close to home (for me). Yet, hardly anyone is shocked, horrified, scared, concerned, or worried that our tap water has been being dosed for over 60 years with fluoride. Why? Because we are told it’s to help prevent tooth decay. They tell us the benefits of fluoride, yet aren’t as forthcoming with the dangers. And, trust me – there are dangers.

Before we begin, let’s define fluoride.

According to the EPA , Fluoride compounds are salts that form when the element, fluorine, combines with minerals in soil or rocks.”

There were also a couple things that caught my attention on the EPA website. First, the web link acknowledges fluoride as a “contaminant“; according to Merriam-Webster, a contaminant is “something that makes a place or a substance (such as water, air, or food) no longer suitable for use”. Second, they list three sources of contamination: as a water additive, as a natural erosion, and (my favorite) “discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories.” Third, they also acknowledge some health effects (“symptoms”) of fluoride, stating “This health effects language is not intended to catalog all possible health effects for fluoride. Rather, it is intended to inform consumers of some of the possible health effects associated with fluoride in drinking water.”

The vagueness of where fluoride comes from made me curious. According to the CDC’s “My Water’s Fluoride” page , my town fluoridates water with fluorosilicic acid. Although it’s difficult to find WHERE this comes from, one company, Solvay Fluorides, LLC, provides fluorosilicic acid for “industrial or municipal applications”. According to their information, “Concentrated fluorosilicic acid solution (FSA) is used for water fluoridation, as a metal surface treatment and cleaner and for pH adjustment in industrial textile processing or laundries. It can also be used in the processing of hides, for hardening masonry and ceramics and in the manufacture of other chemicals”. (Great stuff, huh?)

They also list extreme health effects, including “exposure to high concentrations or long term exposures to lower concentrations can cause fluoride poisoning with stomach pain, weakness, convulsions and death. It can also cause deposits of fluorides in bones and teeth, a condition called fluorosis. This may cause pain, disability and discoloration of teeth. The above health effects do NOT occur with the low (part per million) levels of fluorosilicic acid solution typically used in water for preventing cavities in teeth (water fluoridation).”

Even though everyone who is pro-fluoridation – even the CDC – admits the opposite, that fluorosis is in fact a “normal” symptom of fluoridation. (But more on that later.)

Still, in trying to find out how it’s made or where it comes from, the closest I could find was “Solvay Fluorides, LLC supplies fluorosilicic acid obtained through commercial agreements with fertilizer producers“.

What was it the EPA said again? You can get fluoride through “discharge from fertilizer factories”?


Originally I had written this out as one (extremely long) blog post, but worried I was throwing too much at people too fast. Therefore, I decided to split this up into a blog series with each post dedicated to one area or aspect of the controvery of fluoride. Continue on in this series to read how fluoride is a strong neurotoxin.


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