The Big Latch On : The Sequel!

On Saturday, August 6, 2016, I once again was able to participate in the global Big Latch On event. My first experience with the Big Latch On was in 2014, when the lactation consultant from the Harlan, Iowa hospital – who also was the nurse on call when my daughter was born – hosted the event. My daughter was nine months old, and even though I always knew I wanted to breastfeed, I didn’t realize how passionate I would become about it (or birth!) until I became a mom. So passionate, in fact, that I decided to host my OWN Latch On the next year (which I blogged about here). 2016 marked my second year of hosting a latch on, my third year of breastfeeding, and my first year of tandem nursing as I was now breastfeeding not only my two and a half year old, but also her three month old sister.


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Freezer Meal Attempt, Take 1: Lots and Lots of Pancakes

I am officially 36 weeks pregnant with baby number two, and since my daughter came before her due date, I just have a feeling this one will follow suit. That gives me, at a guess, about two weeks to prepare for life with a newborn – and let me tell you, I have A LIST! While I am stressing just a tad (really, baby, you are more than welcome to take your time!), I have realized that my to-do list now with baby #2 is vastly different from my to-do list with baby #1. I have found that for us, that there are some things that we thought were important but really weren’t -like having a nursery painted and decorated to the max- and there are some things that we never thought about that really would have been quite helpful – like having easy freezer meals ready to go so that we don’t have to stress about what to eat, or, more importantly, what to feed our two-year old.

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What’s In A Due Date? {Part II}

The first part of this series was dedicated to how due dates are calculated and what they really mean. Hopefully, this information was helpful in helping my readers to realize that an estimated due date, or EDD, is just that: an estimate. An estimate with quite a bit of range, actually. In this second part, I want to talk briefly about the “expiration date” mentality; that is, once you hit your due date, you are now “overdue”.

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Massage Cupping: What’s the Deal?

How would you react if you arrived at your monthly massage appointment and your therapist tells you she learned a new technique she wants to try… a technique that just so happened to involve.. suction cups?

It may sound kind of crazy, but it’s actually a very traditional and widely used therapy that has been around for centuries and is just now starting to come back into popularity under the umbrella of “alternative medicine” (which, by now, we can all admit should be just called “original medicine”).

Let me explain.

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When You Go Against The Grain

Maybe you chose not to circumcise your son.

Or maybe you breastfed for longer than “normal”.

Perhaps your diet doesn’t include many modern staples, like sugar, artificial additives, or chemicals. Maybe you are super crazy and, for whatever your reason, avoid certain foods or strive to eat only organic.

Possibly you don’t feel comfortable with modern medicines, or therapies, or even (gasp) vaccines. You may have decided to follow a more natural or holistic path.. chiropractic, homeopathy, massage, essential oils. You may even be one of those weirdos who actually put your health and wellness in a Higher Power, reaping the benefits of what God has given us (honey, coconut oil, turmeric) instead of what man has created for us.

And maybe.. just maybe.. you are feeling a little lonely?



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The Secret of True Health

It’s really not that difficult of a concept.

God designed our bodies to be able to process His food. Why we think our bodies will thrive on synthetic, artificial man-made laboratory concoctions is beyond me. Do we think we really know better? One look at our health statistics shows otherwise.

We act baffled about this: what could possibly be causing our problems? We come up with inane rules and fad diets; no-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat. Cabbage soup, master cleanses. Every year there is a new culprit: eggs, potatoes, butter, sugar, meat. Three meals a day, six meals a day, fasting. The list goes on and on.

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Audubon’s First Latch On 2015

Okay this post is a little late. And by a little, I mean about three months. Oops.

Honestly, it’s just been difficult to find time to blog, between being a toddler mommy, an independent business owner, and not having internet easily accessible. But my wonderful hubby has gifted me with a new laptop (hooray!) so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on the dozens of drafts and half-formed thoughts I have written on scraps of paper all over the house. 😉

Moving on.

On August 1st, 2015, I was blessed to be able to host my first ever Big Latch On. A latch on, for those of you unfamiliar, is a public event where nursing mothers in the surrounding areas can come and try to break the record for the most mothers breastfeeding their children at one time. In my opinion, it is a crucially important event in order to foster not only support and encouragement for currently nursing mothers (because sometimes, it’s tough!) but also to help educate the public on what breastfeeding is (natural, healthy, normal) and what it isn’t (dirty, obscene, shameful).

Photographed by Jennifer Mosinski / Photojenics

Photographed by Jennifer Mosinski / Photojenics

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Why Shakeology? {Seven Reasons}

Someone just asked me the other day, “Why Shakeology?”

Needless to say, there are DOZENS of products that fall under the “protein shake/meal replacement” category; so much, in fact, that I was pretty skeptical myself.

I did the SlimFast thing in high school. I’ve choked down horrible protein shakes on various fasts and diets. Plus, I am constantly reading on the benefits of healthy, natural, organic, unprocessed diets – so why on earth would I drink something that surely is just another marketing ploy fad? Well, I tried it because….

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The War On Our (Natural) Health

Right now there is a silent war on our health, and most people don’t even realize it is happening. Or, should I say “natural health”? Politics, government control, and fear mongering are all wrapping their hands and trying as hard as they can to squeeze the life out of a movement born from the realization that the way we are living now is NOT natural, is NOT sustainable, is NOT healthy, and is NOT good for us. So far, we have been able to wriggle free and stand strong on our freedoms and beliefs, but how many more rules and regulations must be written until we are unable to use our freedom of speech, unable to help others, and unable to fight against this tidal wave of oppression?

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